I have a theory that nobody actually works in Ikea. Their ‘employees’ are people that have gotten lost inside, and over the years they simply assimilate into the store. They find themselves wearing clothes that match the logo, they forget the need to eat or sleep. They are Ikea. Ikea is them. 
We are all Ikea.

And now, the weather


Nash Grier imagine - Hells Angel Part 11


Anonyme asked:

How do you feel, I'm like upset but desperate to see what's gonna happen I mean my favourites gone from the group and I'm pissed that cameron is acting up towards Bart, I mean with all he's done, argh this sucks balls 😤😰😥

magconexposed answered:

I feel really confused because I literally just woke up but I think that if leaving is what’s gonna make them happy then so be it. But I don’t think they should ever say that ‘magcon’ is just a name. Because maybe to them it is. But not to some of us. Not to me. Magcon is what we named our accounts and blogs after. Magcon is what we searched up day after day to see our boys. Magcon is what we used to tag all of our edits and posts and stories about the boys. Magcon is the name of our family. Magcon was a constant in my life when I couldn’t rely on other things. Magcon united us all together. And I don’t think that is something to be forgotten.